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Your website’s crawlability plays a big role in getting it ranked highly by search engines. Can your site’s content be discovered, read, and ‘understood’ by search engines? These resources can help you ensure your content is found and indexed by search engine crawlers.

Learn how to boost your website's crawlability for SEO

Learn how to improve your website’s crawlability for better search engine rankings. Get all the crawling-related SEO tactics you need in Lumar’s Website Intelligence Academy resources below. Or check out our full guide: How Search Engine Crawling Works.

Search engines crawl websites to understand what a page is about and classify it accordingly in their indexes. Search engine crawlers need to determine whether or not a given page will be relevant for a user’s search query. To better understand crawlability, it helps to understand how search engines work.

Various techniques are used by developers and SEOs to assist these crawlers in discovering and identifying website content appropriately, including the use of sitemaps and optimizing for search engines’ crawl budgets.

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