Deepcrawl is now Lumar. Read more.
DeepcrawlはLumarになりました。 詳細はこちら

Meet Lumar — why we’ve changed our name & what it means for our users

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Today, we’ve updated our name and branding to reflect our transition from a pure technical SEO platform into a broader website intelligence solution. Learn more about the brand change, Lumar’s history, and our vision for the future here. 

Introducing Lumar.

Why ‘Lumar’?

We’ve made some big changes in 2022!

As of today, we’re taking on a new name: Lumar

Before now, we were known globally as Deepcrawl, a name that reflected our origins in website crawling and technical SEO. As websites have evolved to new levels of complexity, our offering is evolving to meet the expanding needs of digital teams. Over the years, we’ve grown from a pure technical SEO platform into a broader website intelligence platform. As Lumar, our new identity matches our vision for the future of website intelligence. 

Our new name comes from the concept of illumination — we’re helping businesses see their websites’ technical foundations in a new light and providing clarity across departments to help brands create healthy, high-performing, revenue-driving websites. 

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What’s changing? What’s not?

Don’t worry — we’re still focused on websites’ technical excellence. And we’re still constantly improving our market-leading website crawler and developing loads of new technical SEO features. 

Our latest crawler release has achieved new levels of speed and flexibility — it’s the engine behind our current and future expansions. We know how important our crawler is to our users, too!  As such, our crawling technology remains a core focus of our work here at Lumar. 

Our users will continue to have the same access to our platform as they had before — in addition to getting early access to additional features like our website health scores, benchmarking, and traffic funnel visualizations

We’re also building out exciting new offerings, expanding our metrics and reporting to include new disciplines, and building a more extensive platform for website intelligence that can impact businesswide goals across an organization. 

As Lumar, our brand now matches our expansive outlook for what website intelligence will look like in the future. The need for website intelligence extends beyond a single department or role — SEOs, developers, digital marketers, product teams, and leadership all have a need for deep insights into their digital assets’ health and success. We’re building solutions that will help these cross-functional teams work together and get more out of their website efforts. 

What’s changing: Our new corporate brand is transitioning from Deepcrawl to Lumar. (We hope you love the new name & look as much as we do!)

What’s not changing: We’re still dedicated to creating robust technical SEO solutions — in addition to expanding our offering for marketingproductdigital operations, and engineering teams.

What’s changing: You’ll also notice some very minor shifts in our app naming conventions: 

What’s not changing: Our core platforms have the same great features as before. Even better: we’re rolling out new tools like our website health scores and traffic funnel visualizations. 

Our users’ access to the platform remains the same as before, based on their package choices. (Ready to check out some of the newly launched features like Monitor and ImpactBook a demo today!)

What’s changing: Our new website address is Our new social media channels are:

What’s not changing: You’ll have the same access to our library of educational materials in our blog, webinars, SEO Office Hours library, eBooks, and product guides

And now, we’ve organized these helpful resources into a new Academy section, where you can browse by topic and drill down into the subjects that are most valuable for your goals.

FAQs regarding our new brand launch

Will Lumar still be focused on technical SEO?

A: Our founders are experts in technical SEO. Our platform’s core features were built for technical SEOs, by technical SEOs. And our passion for technical website excellence runs deep. We’re still dedicated to creating the best technical SEO tools on the market — and we’re committed to continuing to develop the fastest, most flexible website crawler on the market. In fact, it’s the latest developments to our crawler that have empowered our team to expand the Lumar offering! 

Will users have access to the same features that they have in their existing Deepcrawl plans? 

A: Your platform access will not change — all of the great features you’ve selected in your Deepcrawl package before remain the same following our rebrand to Lumar. 

How can I request a demo of the latest features and app options?

A: If you’re an existing Lumar (Deepcrawl) customer with a dedicated customer service representative, email your rep to schedule a demo and see the latest Lumar options.    If you’re not yet signed up with Lumar, you can easily schedule a demo of the full platform through our online form. Our team will get back to you quickly! 

What new product features can we expect in the future?

A:   For our launch as Lumar, we’ve added new website health scores that allow you to quickly identify areas that need attention and help you get buy-in and resources by effectively communicating website technical health to key stakeholders in an easy-to-understand format. In addition, you can now benchmark your website’s technical health against the top players in your industry.    We’ve also introduced a new traffic funnel that helps you visualize how your planned technical improvements can improve your search engine rankings.   In the months to come, we’ll be expanding our metrics and reporting to include new disciplines related to your website’s health and performance. (Watch this space for the latest announcements!) 

Will the crawler’s user agent name change too? Will I need to do anything to update whitelisting?

No, for our customers’ ease of use, we will not be changing our user agents at launch. They will still reference Deepcrawl.  

Will existing Deepcrawl/Lumar customers need to log in again at launch?

Yes. Users will be redirected to the new log-in screen when they visit the previous Deepcrawl log-in page. Login credentials will stay the same. 

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Lumar is the website optimization platform behind revenue-driving sites


About the Lumar branding project

We’ve developed our new look in a close, months-long collaboration with branding experts at Verve, based on extensive user interviews and market research. In our new visual identity, you’ll notice an emphasis on light, lenses, and viewports that reflect the many Lumar features that help bring your website’s technical foundations to light. 

We’ve developed our new look in a close, months-long collaboration with branding experts at Verve, based on extensive user interviews and market research. In our new visual identity, you’ll notice an emphasis on light, lenses, and viewports that reflect the many Lumar features that help bring your website’s technical foundations to light. 

Verve’s creative director and co-founder, Rindor Golverdingen, described the Lumar branding process:

“Lumar and Verve are both comprised of deeply passionate and enthusiastic individuals — it’s why we connected well right from the start. The Verve team was honored to take on the challenge of creating a new brand identity that brings Lumar’s long-term vision to life.

In our journey to represent the concept of website intelligence creatively, we came across deep-sea creatures, sky castles, icebergs, mirror palaces, and a whole lot more. Our explorations resulted in an illustrative, optimistic, and lightweight brand identity that’s built for agility and can be swiftly applied across a variety of media, while being both visually distinctive and easily recognizable.

The people at Lumar are pretty damn kind — and a real joy to work with. We’re thankful for the wonderful collaboration with them, as well as the great people at Reed Words and AUFI — it was a true joy to create the new Lumar brand with this team of amazing people.”

Rindor Golverdingen, Creative Director & Co-Founder, Verve  

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