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Announcing New Site Speed Metrics in Lumar

We're expanding the Lumar website intelligence platform to include new site speed metrics. Lumar users can now streamline their website health workflows with a single platform offering centralized, actionable insights into technical SEO, website accessibility, and site speed — all in one place.

Banner Announcing New Site Speed Metrics in Lumar

We’re thrilled to announce that Lumar is launching new site speed metrics within our broader website intelligence platform! 

The new site speed features extend Lumar’s capabilities as a crucial multi-disciplinary website optimization solution. Lumar users can now streamline their website health workflows with a single platform offering centralized, actionable insights into technical SEO, website accessibility, and site speed — all in one place.

illustration showing site speed scores - new to the Lumar platform

Site Speed Metrics in Lumar: Key Features

Lumar’s site speed metrics will empower digital teams to quickly find, prioritize, and resolve issues relating to page load times, cumulative layout shift (CLS), largest contentful paint (LCP), total blocking time (TBT), and other key page experience indicators. 

The new speed metrics can be used in three of Lumar’s core applications: Analyze, Monitor, and Protect: 

  • Analyze:  Scan your entire website for site speed issues, prioritize effectively with detailed health scores, charts, and dashboards, and dive deep into every issue to understand exactly how to resolve them with truly actionable data.

  • Monitor: Create customizable dashboards and alerts across all your domains or key site sections to track site speed issues over time and receive fast notifications when new issues appear. 

  • Protect: Save time and money by identifying and preventing site speed issues on your staging website and preventing them from going live with automated QA testing. 
Site speed metrics example showing top changes to site speed issues including slow server response time, legacy javascript, and text compression issues with example charts.

Site Speed Metrics: Use Cases by Team

Improving website speed has benefits for numerous business stakeholders:

  • For the C-suite and marketing leadership, improving website speed can ultimately lead to more sales and improved customer satisfaction by removing unnecessary friction in the online customer experience. 

  • For SEO teams already using the Lumar platform, the site speed metrics will help SEOs improve their websites’ Core Web Vitals — a search engine ranking factor that can contribute to better organic search results. Armed with deeper insights into site speed issues, Lumar provides all the information SEOs need to write better acceptance criteria for developer tickets and get their fixes implemented faster. 

  • For UX and engineering teams, Lumar’s site speed metrics can help alert team members of pages that are loading slowly, presenting shifting layouts, or creating other negative user experiences that require fixes from their team. Advanced sorting, filtering, and segmentation controls in the platform can help these teams prioritize site speed issues based on projected business impact.  

  • The end user: Ultimately, improving these metrics will benefit the end user, providing better experiences across the web.

Expanding the Lumar Platform 

This expansion into new areas of technical website health optimization follows last year’s introduction of digital accessibility tools in the Lumar platform and further delivers on the company’s goal to provide a unified website optimization solution that helps align multi-functional digital teams working across numerous web disciplines. Providing a centralized ‘command center’ for teams to manage their websites’ technical health and performance enables better cross-functional collaboration across SEO, developer, UX, marketing, accessibility, and broader digital roles. 

With the addition of site speed metrics in the platform, Lumar can now facilitate crucial transformations in how organizations deliver faster, better online experiences for their users.

Panos Savopoulos, CEO at Lumar

“At Lumar, we know that the technical health of a website is just as important as its content. Websites need to be easy to find, easy to use, and deliver a great experience. Our goal in launching new site speed metrics within the Lumar platform is to further help organizations ensure their sites’ technical foundations are sound and poised to drive real business results, by equipping teams with truly actionable website insights across a broad range of technical issues in a single platform.”

             — Panos Savopoulos, CEO at Lumar

The Lumar team is already planning additional functionality to further bolster their site speed offering, including the incorporation of Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) data, industry benchmarks, and conversion data to further aid with issue prioritization. 


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