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New AI-Powered Website Accessibility Recommendations in Lumar

Spending hours scouring WCAG documentation to fix your website’s accessibility issues? Save time with Lumar’s new AI-assisted website accessibility recommendations.

Fixing your website’s accessibility issues can be a challenge. Now, Lumar is making it easier than ever to ensure your website is inclusive, accessible, and compliant with WCAG and local accessibility laws with the introduction of new AI-assisted accessibility recommendations

Our website accessibility tools already help you audit your site for WCAG compliance and digital accessibility best practices, monitor your site for new accessibility issues, and align with developers through automated web accessibility QA testing

But website teams don’t need to just find accessibility issues — they need to fix them! Often, this can involve spending hours scouring WCAG documentation to find the right solutions. With Lumar’s new AI-powered accessibility suggestions, we’re saving teams time with tailored, WCAG-informed suggested fixes for each issue you uncover — including suggested code snippets to resolve the exact issue at hand. 

Here’s a peak of what the new accessibility recommendations look like in the Lumar platform:


How do the Suggested Accessibility Solutions work?

The suggested accessibility solutions available within the Lumar platform are created using OpenAI’s ChatGPT and optimized to generate tailored solutions from only a trusted set of web accessibility documentation including the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), for maximum accuracy. 

Our team has crafted and refined prompts to generate the relevant fix recommendations with ChatGPT, which are then delivered directly within the Lumar platform. We are continuously reviewing the responses generated and will continue to further refine these prompts for ongoing improvement. 


Accessing the Suggested Accessibility Solutions in Lumar

You can access the tailored suggestions from any of the accessibility reports in Lumar. From the report table, click on the ID for the issue you want to investigate. This will take you to the Issue Details pages.

Step 1 in accessing AI website accessibility suggested solutions in Lumar. Image shows the Lumar platform dashboard with an example 'Insufficient text contrast (WCAG level AA)' a11y issue on the screen. The 'issue ID' link is highlighted as the next step to click in the platform.
Step 1: Click on the ‘Issue ID’ from any of the accessibility reports in Lumar to expand issue details.

You can then click on ‘Suggested Solution’ in the left-hand navigation to view the suggestions.

Image shows the 'Issue Detail' page on an accessibility report in the Lumar platform. Step 2 to access AI powered accessibility solutions in Lumar: From the Issue Detail page, click on 'Suggested Solutions' in the left-hand panel.
Step 2: From the ‘Issue Details’ page in an Lumar accessibility report, click on ‘Suggested Solution’.

Lumi (our AI bot) will then consider the issue and present some possible solutions to fix the issue, along with suggested code where possible.

Image shows an example of how the Suggested Accessibility Solution appears in the Lumar platform. This is an example for an AI-suggested solution for a color contrast website accessibility issue.
Example of an AI-suggested accessibility solution in the Lumar platform.

You can also click the ‘Copy Text’ button, which will copy the details to your clipboard, so you can paste into a ticket for your dev team. 


What about technical SEO AI suggestions?

Don’t worry! We’re looking at how we can incorporate AI for suggested solutions to technical SEO issues in Lumar as well. Tech SEO issues are usually complex and interlinked, we want to make sure that our approach will create useful and accurate results. Watch this space! 


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