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Custom Metrics

Make every data point on your website an actionable opportunity.

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Your website’s health is critical. To reach its full potential it must be discoverable, fast, and accessible. But your website is also unique, so you need to consider the distinctive elements that can be examined to take its performance to the next level. 

With Custom Metrics, Lumar provides a tailored approach to website health auditing that goes beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. It’s a game-changer for how we approach website optimization and personalization, giving you the actionable insights you need to make concrete improvements, to not only meet but exceed the expectations of your visitors and customers.

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Customization like never before

Lumar’s Custom Metrics provides the customization you need to meet your business’s specific needs like never before:

  • Static metrics. Report on practically anything on the page.
  • Dynamic analysis. Replicate human behavior to analyze, understand, and optimize user flows.
  • Integrate external data. Integrate and compare external data sources.

Read on for a few examples of use cases we’ve delivered for our customers…

E-Commerce Use Cases
  • Checking product stock availability
  • Evaluating internal search and product recommendation systems to ensure relevance
  • Monitoring vendor product rankings to ensure compliance with agreements
  • Tracking regional commercial messages to ensure suitability
  • Analyzing keywords and sentiments from reviews
  • Comparing PDP product schema to product feed and highlighting differences
  • Automating updates to product feeds
  • Competitor pricing comparisons
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Publishing/Content Use Cases
  • Managing content quality issues on UGC sites such as tracking errors from embedded videos
  • Content analysis to identify and fill topic gaps
  • In-depth internationalization assessments to improve global performance
  • Analyzing keywords and sentiments from article comments
Paid Media
  • Get up-to-date product stock information to avoid wasting PPC budget on out-of-stock pages
  • Identify changes to PPC landing pages that affect conversion performance (and revenue)
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Website Performance
  • Monitoring CDN errors for actionable insights
  • Updating CSN caches to improve site reliability
  • Identifying large images or scripts to reduce data transfer
  • Custom compliance or security verifications
  • Tracking cookies to ensure compliance with data protection regulations
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Graphical representation of Lumar Analyze.
Lumar Analyze

Identify, prioritize and fix issues fast with logically organized reports, health scores, charts and dashboards to give you all the insights you need to boost website performance. Explore Lumar Analyze.

Graphical representation of Lumar Monitor.
Lumar Monitor

Mitigate the risk of lost traffic or revenue with customizable dashboards and alerts across all your domains, geographies or important site sections—in one place. Explore Lumar Monitor.

Graphical representation of Lumar Protect for automated QA testing
Lumar Protect

Save time and money by identifying and fixing issues before they hit your live site, with regular template testing on staging or dev sites, or fully automated QA testing. Explore Lumar Protect.

How Lumar users uncover their websites’ full potential

  • Photo of Arturs Cavniss, Technical SEO Lead at Bensons for Beds.
    Bensons for Beds Logo

    “Lumar’s a huge time saver and really easy to use. I can see all issues in one place, know where to focus as everything’s broken down in a super logical way, and easily stay on top of progress with in-built tasks. Plus, the alerts catch any major issues before they lose us traffic or revenue. If you’re looking to boost your site’s technical health, Lumar and its amazing team have got your back.”

    Arturs Cavniss, Technical SEO Lead

  • Met Office Logo

    Lumar’s accessibility metrics have been a game changer. With its user-friendly design and comprehensive classification and description of issues, it has allowed us to quickly take action to improve our website’s accessibility and overall health, and it has been rewarding to watch our health scores steadily improve on the platform as a result.

    Heather Bidwell, SEO Manager

  • Fandom
    Fandom logo

    “Lumar Monitor has literally saved us hours a week. Instead of going to each site one by one and asking if work has been completed, I can quickly see if anything has been done and see the results and progress since then. It’s been a huge time saver and helped us see at a glance who’s been doing what. It’s been a huge, huge help.”

    Joshua Taylor Titsworth, Senior Analyst,

  • Arriva Dark
    arriva uk customer testimonial review for Lumar website intelligence platform

    “Lumar is a change enablement tool that’s helped us drive a +50% increase in digital conversion and +10% increase in search engine visibility”

    Dave Cain, Head of Digital Marketing, Arriva

  • client testimonial for lumar's tech seo saas platform - cox auto

    “The extra insights we get from our calls with Lumar have been really valuable. The support we get really is like having an extension of our internal team.”

    Chris Nichols, Senior Manager, Enterprise SEO & Product Management

  • Arriva
    arriva uk customer testimonial review for Lumar website intelligence platform

    “Lumar has saved us an enormous amount of time. So much so, we estimate without the tool, and to cover the vast array of SEO analytics and insights highlighted within Lumar, we would have needed to employ another full-time member of staff within our digital team.”

    Dave Cain, Head of Digital Marketing, Arriva UK Bus

  • Catenamedia
    lumar customer review for technical seo analytics tool

    “Lumar is fundamental when it comes to technical audits, as the tool carries out an in-depth analysis of each one of our brands. It provides insightful data that helps to shape our decisions. I love how easy it is to connect Lumar with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Majestic data for each of our brands. Lumar congregates all that data and makes my life a lot easier. Definitely valuable in helping us to identify the highest priority issues in a data set.”

    David McAdam, Technical SEO Strategist

  • Cox automotive

    “Lumar is obviously top-of-the-line, with a lot of cutting-edge aspects to the technology. But it was also really important for us to find someone that would be a partner for us. The extra services are a big part of why we chose Lumar.”

    Matthew Grabiak, Principal SEO Product Manager

  • Lumar heart

    “Lumar Protect is a very reliable tool. We used Protect, for example, to check if anything is redirecting where it shouldn’t be. Before, I had to check everything manually but, with Lumar, you can set up tests beforehand and really see what happens. It’s a great relief to know there is something that will notify me if anything has changed.”

    Senior SEO Manager, European Fashion Retailer

  • Fandom
    Fandom logo

    “Lumar Monitor is everything any agency or enterprise-level company needs to quickly track and look at updates, recommendations, trends, and issues. If you have hundreds of sites, it’s a way to look at things at-a-glance and know exactly what’s going on — and what issues you need to be paying attention to.”

    Joshua Taylor Titsworth, Senior Analyst,

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