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Google Webmaster Hangout Notes: September 27th 2019

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Notes from the Google Webmaster Hangout on the 27th of September 2019.


Google is Unable to Crawl User-triggered Events

Googlebot cannot crawl user-triggered events, for example content loading once a user scrolls. John recommends using dynamic rendering to enable crawling of these events and ensuring the content loads with a link rather than an interaction.


Invalid Structured Data Will Not Affect the Ranking of a Page

Having invalid structured data on a page will not affect the ranking, however, it may prevent the page from appearing as a rich result and impact how visible it is in search. This may, in turn, affect how users interact with the search result listing.


The New Fresh Data Seen in GSC will Differ Slightly Until Things Have Settled Down

The new fresher data now available in Search Console is calculated in a slightly different way, in order to get the data into Search Console as quickly as possible. Therefore, John noted there may be slightly different counts from when it is fresh compared to when it has settled down.


Ensure Google is Able to Crawl All Pages Involved Within Infinite Scroll

When implementing infinite scroll, ensure Google is able to reach all of the pages involved. John recommends the best way to do this is by linking to all the pages individually through a pagination set up, to ensure each page can be crawled.


Google’s Core Updates Affect a Number of Ranking Signals, Rather Than Specific Ones

The core updates Google implements affect a number of the ranking signals that they use in their algorithms. They aren’t just focused on specific signals such as content or links.


Speed is Critical For Google to Index Content Quickly

In order to index content quickly, for example news articles, Google need to be able to crawl the pages quickly. This includes being able to access the server quickly, with pages also loading quickly.


There is No Way of Giving Prioritisation to Structured Markup Types on a Page

Some rich results can combine two structured markup types in the search results, however, some can clash so Google will only pick one to show. There is no way of giving prioritisation to different markup types, rather Google’s algorithms will determine the best one to display.


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