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Google Webmaster Hangout Notes: May 1st 2018

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Notes from the Google Webmaster Hangout on the 1st of May 2018.


Content Loaded On Hash URLs Won’t Be Indexed

Google doesn’t index URLs with a hash separately, so if content is only loaded when the hash is used on a URL rather than being loaded on the main URL, this content won’t be indexed.


Include Static A Href Links When Using JavaScript Push Array for Catching Clicks

You need to have a static a href link as a fallback when utilising JavaScript push array to catch clicks.


Googlebot Doesn’t Have a Set Time For Rendering

There isn’t a set time for Googlebot to render a page because caching is utilised, meaning content doesn’t need to be fetched every time. Googlebot rendering time is very different to that of the browser.


Expect Ranking Fluctuations For New Content

Brand new content will normally see ranking fluctuations for a couple of weeks until Google settles on how high the page should be ranked. A page’s content is secondary to the technical aspect of deciding relevance and placement.


Responsive Sites Are Being Switched To Mobile-first Indexing

Desktop-only sites count as responsive because the same version is shown on both devices, so Google’s algorithm will have determined that these are the most straightforward sites to be switched to mobile-first indexing.


Mobile-Friendliness Is Not Related to Mobile-First Indexing

It’s not “mobile-friendly” indexing – sites are being switched over purely based on using the mobile content for indexing rather than anything to do with mobile usability.


Content Not Visible By Default Will Be Taken Into Account For Mobile-first Indexing

Good user experience on mobile depends on managing content with tabs and similar methods, so content not visible by default will be taken into account for mobile-first indexing as long as it doesn’t load on click. This applies to anchor text as well.


Move Outdated Content From Re-Usable URLs Onto Archive URLs

If you have content that you update for a yearly event, for example, include the newest content on one, re-usable URL where accumulative signals gained will allow it to rank higher, and move outdated content onto archive URLs.


Keep Adult Content Separate so the Non-Adult Content Can Rank

If you have a combination of adult and non-adult content, the non-adult content may not be able to rank due to Google’s safe search algorithms. To avoid this, make sure these sections of your site are distinctly separated.


Google’s Mobile Speed Update Will Only Apply to Mobile Search Results

The Mobile Speed Update will only apply to mobile search results so desktop results won’t be affected.


Site Migrations Don’t Influence Google Web Spam Reviews

A site migration or site move doesn’t feed into the web spam team’s plans of sites to analyse or the way they prioritise their focus.


No Markup Available for Google Voice Assistant

There isn’t dedicated schema for voice assistants or voice search at the moment.

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