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Feature Release – Preset Custom Extractions

Custom Extraction is a really useful feature which lets you extract custom data that DeepCrawl doesn’t automatically capture.

It uses regex for matching, which is very powerful, but it’s tricky to use if you do not have a programming background.

To help you out, we’ve added a few standard extractions you can choose from.

  • Missing Image Alt Tags
  • Meta Keywords
  • Google Tag Manager Tracking Code
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code

When you’re adding a custom extraction in Advanced Settings, just select an option from the list in the ‘Preset’ drop down.

The appropriate regex will be added automatically.

If you have any other suggestions for presets you’d like to see, let us know by sending an email to

On a side note, we’d thoroughly recommend learning regex if you’re not already comfortable, as it has many useful applications.

We like Rubular for writing and testing regular expressions, and we recommend the tutorials on to get started and for general reference.

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Adam Gordon

Former Product Manager at Deepcrawl (2015-2019).


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