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Announcing New Website Accessibility Metrics in Lumar

New website accessibility analytics and health scores in the Lumar platform empower businesses to deliver more inclusive digital experiences

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We’re thrilled to announce new digital accessibility metrics and website accessibility health scores in the Lumar platform! These new insights will help businesses create more inclusive website experiences for all users by uncovering site-wide accessibility issues. 

Illustration of two helping hands – representing new website accessibility metrics and reports in the Lumar website intelligence and SEO platform

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Lumar’s new website accessibility metrics

Powered by Lumar’s ultra-fast website crawler and the leading digital accessibility library, the new website accessibility reports further expand Lumar’s website intelligence offering beyond our much-loved technical SEO capabilities. 

Graphical representation of the Top Issues element of the Lumar Analyze accessibility overview dashboard.

The accessibility (“A11y”) metrics will add new functionality and use cases to the existing Analyze, Monitor, and Protect apps available in the Lumar platform, so users can examine both technical SEO and website accessibility issues within a single platform, using a single web crawler

Graphical representation of accessibility health scores in Lumar Analyze.

Alongside the new crawl metrics for accessibility, Lumar is also launching website accessibility health scores that help businesses identify, prioritize and fix issues that are preventing their websites from reaching WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards for Level A, AA, and AAA compliance. The reports’ logical grouping of issues into different WCAG levels, categories, and subcategories also helps users quickly make sense of the data and understand where to start, rather than being confronted with a long, overwhelming list of accessibility issues.  

Illustration of two helping hands – representing new website accessibility metrics and reports in the Lumar website intelligence and SEO platform
New Platform Features
Build inclusive digital experiences with Lumar
  • Easily identify digital accessibility issues across your entire website
  • Prioritize accessibility tasks effectively
  • Get fewer false positives on color contrast issues
  • Automate QA testing for WCAG 2.2
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Why website accessibility matters for businesses today

More than 1 billion people worldwide live with a disability, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), but the vast majority of websites do not presently meet even basic WCAG accessibility standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). 

Of course, improving your website’s accessibility for all users is the right thing to do — that should go without saying. But for businesses looking to reach new customers — and comply with local accessibility laws and regulations — there’s a clear business case for digital accessibility as well. In a new study conducted by Lumar this year, 1 in 4 website-related professionals surveyed cited website accessibility as one of the most overlooked areas in their websites’ health and performance

Despite the importance of website accessibility being well acknowledged by survey participants, 63% of respondents said they had no internal staff or external consultant responsible for digital accessibility efforts. Closing this gap requires a new solution that can effectively orchestrate website management resources to meet accessibility standards. With Lumar’s new accessibility metrics built into its broader website intelligence platform, organizations can now seamlessly get insights into their sites’ accessibility compliance in the same centralized resource that already empowers their SEO, marketing, UX, and engineering teams with in-depth website health monitoring, analytics, and QA testing automation.   

Learn more about how the team at Lumar is utilizing our new a11y metrics to make improvements to our own digital experience in our accessibility case study.

Want even more details? Check out our website accessibility product guides.


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Website accessibility resources

Want to learn more about website accessibility best practices? We've got you covered! These webinars, articles, and guides will help you develop an effective approach to building a more inclusive, WCAG-compliant website.

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