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The State of Website Intelligence Report [SURVEY RESULTS]

Data from 100+ website professionals on how they manage their websites' health and performance in 2023

new 2023 seo and digital marketing industry research report - the state of website intelligence survey results

Announcing the 2023 State of Website Intelligence Report. Get insights from 140 digital marketing and website professionals to learn how businesses are managing their websites’ health and performance in 2023.

Learn how digital teams around the globe are managing their websites’ health and performance in 2023. Download the new ‘State of Website Intelligence’ report today.

In this report:
  • Stats from 100+ digital leaders
  • What website intelligence platforms are used? (For SEO analytics, search visibility, UX, digital accessibility, privacy compliance, and more)
  • How big are internal website teams?
  • How are website teams structured?
  • How many teams use external agencies for website projects?
  • Are budgets for website projects growing or shrinking in 2023?
website industry report - 2023 State of Website Intelligence survey results from Lumar - download the report
Featuring Scott Brinker

“The fact that the majority of respondents in our survey report have at least five different products and platforms to gather intelligence about their website’s health and performance — on a wide range of dimensions — affirms that modern websites are indeed very rich ecosystems. Many different roles and stakeholders within a company participate in that ecosystem. It’s crucial to have a cohesive center of gravity that connects all of this together.”

— Scott Brinker, founder & editor

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Your website’s technical health plays a major role in how it ranks in search engine results pages — but that’s not all. Technical elements of your site, such as page speed and Core Web Vitals, also influence your customers’ experience, satisfaction, and likeliness to buy.

Optimizing your brand’s website means opening up more opportunities for brand awareness, great customer experiences, conversions, and business growth.  Lumar’s website intelligence platform for marketing and SEO teams can help.

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