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Google Webmaster Hangout Notes: Friday 29th January

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AMP Websites

AMP websites shouldn’t replace the whole website, they should only really be used for content pages.


Crawling Form Action Links

Form actions or links are used as a way to discover new pages but not to pass pagerank so don’t need a rel=nofollow tag.


Google Analytics

Google does NOT use Google Analytics Data as ranking factors, such as Bounce Time etc.


In-depth Articles

The ‘In-depth articles’ feature still exist, there is just a slight UI change in the SERPs.


Cross-Linking with Sister Websites

A small amount of sister websites sharing links is acceptable, but if there are many websites with cross-links then Google will start to consider it spam.


Javascript Crawling

For javascript crawling Google needs a unique URL or identifier for a piece of content to be able to index it. So if sessions or cookies are being used to keep state, Google won’t be able to index it. Test it with the testing tool in Search Console.


AMP Pages & Structured Data Errors

AMP pages and ‘structured data’ items need to have no errors to be indexed properly.


Google Analytics AMP Support

Google Analytics supports AMP pages and also does not show search terms.



If Googlebot detects that a server is taking a while to respond (probably due to heavy traffic) then it will crawl slower to accommodate.


Image Alt Tags

There is no limit for image alt tags.


Images Affecting Ranking

Having images in a page (whether they’re working or not) doesn’t affect ranking in web search, but higher quality images are ranked higher in image search. Also, images are connected to landing pages so content within the landing page is used as a factor for ranking the image in image search.


Flat vs Hierarchical Structures

Google does not have a preference regarding flat or hierarchical structures.


Knowledge Graphs

It’s not compulsory to have a wikipedia page for your brand, Google uses a variety of websites to gather data for the knowledge graph section.

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