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Google Webmaster Hangout Notes: Friday 15th January

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Schema Crawling

Google will usually recognize new or updated schema markup on a page within 1 or 2 crawls, but they only shows Schema for websites that it thinks are high-quality.


PageRank Quality Checking

PageRank goes through only basic quality checking before deciding whether to pass PageRank, e.g. cluttered/spam links. Generally, Google like to separate their algorithms so they don’t overlap.


Affiliates & Directories

Google doesn’t necessarily treat affiliate linking as a negative thing, as it can be genuine, but it does look down on link directories.


Google News Ranking

Google doesn’t take the Google News ranking into account with regular web rankings.


Link Positioning

In general Google does not treat links differently depending on their position on the page.


Robots.txt Crawling

Most sites have their robots checked once a day, you can speed this up manually by submitting it within the robots.txt tool in Search Console.


PageRank from Broken Links

If a site links to an external page which returns a 404, the PageRank will be lost.


Disallowed URLs

Even if a URL is disallowed it can still show up in the index.


Mixed Content Issues

Google will try and choose a canonical URL which does not have mixed content issues from http/https. I.e. if there is an https version of a page that DOES have mixed content issues, but an http version that does NOT have mixed content issues, then the http version could be used. If however, there are very strong signs to use that https version coming from the website, (such as redirects or rel=canonicals) then Google will still use the https version even though it has mixed content issues.


Core Google Algorithm Changes

Google core algorithm changes are rolling changes, so people won’t notice much of a change.


Debugging AMP Websites

For AMP websites:
Sign up for searchconsole beta:
AMP validator: add #develop=1 then look into javascript console for information about that specific page.
News Article Markup: structured data testing tool.


SERPs from Other Locations

If you want to see SERPs from a different geo location then change the ‘gl’ parameter in the URL to the country code.


Content Below the Fold

Google will not penalise for content that starts below the fold.


Title Tags on Mobile

Google rewrites title tags more aggressively on mobile devices as there is a smaller screen.

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