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Google Webmaster Hangout Notes: Friday 12th February

google webmaster hangouts recaps - SEO tips


Search Console Search Analytics includes Universal Search

The Search Console impression and clicks data includes universal search results like images which might be misleading.

Per search results page, multiple URLs in the same results page counts as 1 impression.

Per query results, it’s one impression per search results page which shows up for that query, which can count multiple impressions.

For average position with multiple result they use the top position.


HTTPS Migrations Won’t Lose PageRank

No PageRank is lost when you redirect a domain from HTTP to HTTPS.


HTTPS Doesn’t Improve Rankings

HTTPS ranking advantage is purely between your HTTP and HTTPS versions of the same page.

It doesn’t offer any actual ranking improvements relative to any other website. So there is no actual benefit from migrating.


Trailing Slash Doesn’t Matter for Hostnames

You don’t need to worry about including a trailing slash for Hostname only URL, e.g. your home page.

It doesn’t matter as they are both the same URL, with and without a trailing slash.

For all other URLs, it doesn’t matter which you choose but you must be consistent.


Nofollow is OK to Control Googlebot

It’s OK to use nofollow on internal links to control Googlebot behaviour but you need to be careful you are not making it hard for your site to be crawled.


Use Fetch and Render to Test Overlays

If you have some kind of overlay or pop-up on landing pages, you can check what it looks like to Googlebot using the Fetch and Render tool in Search Console, and check the impact on engagement using web analytics.


Rich Snippets need to be Correct, Relevant, and on Quality Pages

In order for rich snippets to be displayed in organic search results, they need to be implemented correctly, relevant to the content and on quality pages.


302s Are Indexed, 301s Aren’t

Google always use the content from the final destination page, but will display either the redirecting URL for a 302 redirect, or the the final destination for a 301 redirect.

They ignore any content on the redirecting URL.


Chrome to Label HTTP Sites as Insecure

Chrome is going to label HTTP sites as insecure in the browser but Google doesn’t have any plans to do the same for search results.


Only Google Search Results Pages Count as Referrals

In Chrome, if you start typing a domain into the Google Search box, it doesn’t count as a referral from Google and will be treated as direct.

It’s only counted as a Google referral if a results page has been shown.

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