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Google Webmaster Hangout Notes: April 7th 2017

google webmaster hangouts recaps - SEO tips

Notes from the Google Webmaster Hangout on the 7th of April, 2017.


Session IDs should be a Separate Parameter

If you add session IDs as a separate parameter instead of a semi-colon, then they can be managed more easily with the Search Console Parameter handling tool


Google Detects if a Site Completely Changes Content

If you buy an old domain and change the content, Google will treat it like a new website.


Contact Google for Sites Incorrectly Filtered by Safe Search

If your website is incorrectly being filtered by safe search, you can submit a form in the help centre to ask Google to reclassify it.


Affiliate Based Sites Require Unique Content

Affiliate links do not affect a site’s quality, but Google requires you to have some unique value.


Google Ignores Keyword Stuffing

Google tries to ignore keyword stuffing in content rather than apply a penalty.


Repeated DMCA Requests May Cause a Penalty

Google’s altgorithms may penalise a site which gets a lot of DMCA requests and is taking content from other sources over a long period.


URL Parameters Help Crawling and Indexing

URL parameters make it easier for Google to understand URLs for crawling and indexing. If you put everything into the path of the URL it can be harder for Google to crawl them properly.


Google Supports URLs up to 2000 characters

Google supports URLs up to 2000 characters.


Long Titles are OK

Titles longer than the maximum display length in SERPs are fine. If titles are too long, Google will show the parts which are relevant to the query.


Page Load Penalty Only Affects Extremely Slow Pages

Google only penalises pages which are extremely slow, taking minutes to load. Pages up to 30 seconds won’t be affected.


AMP Requires Mobile Rel Alternate to be a Mobile Page

If you want to use an AMP pages as your mobile version, it requires a mobile rel alternate from the desktop pages. The AMP page should already contain a canonical back to the desktop.

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