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DeepCrawl (now Lumar) wins ‘Best Product’ at B2B Marketing Expo

Lumar - formerly Deepcrawl - wins best B2B product at marketing expo

The world’s most comprehensive website crawler is named Best Marketing Product at the prestigious B2B Marketing Expo Awards.

Best Marketing Expo Award 2017

London, March 2017 – DeepCrawl, the leading technical SEO website crawler relied on by SEO novices and experts alike, was this month announced as the Best Product at B2B Marketing Expo ceremony in London. The award recognises the development of an outstanding software that successfully manages and enhances search marketing campaigns.

DeepCrawl provides its clients with a complete overview of their websites` technical health. Empowering their SEO, content and search marketing teams with the actionable data needed to drive traffic and sales, with an average 90% growth in search visibility after 12 months. Regularly crawling Tripadvisor, Ebay & Linkedin as well as 54% of Fortune 500 retail companies.

B2B Marketing Expo judge John Horsley (Founder, Digital Doughnut) commented upon giving DeepCrawl the award, saying “We felt that DeepCrawl offered a unique value proposition that was innovative and results driven. These were supported by strong case studies and an impressive 90% growth rate of search visibility across all DeepCrawl clients. The bottom line, I could see myself being a customer of DeepCrawl”.

Jon Myers, Chief Growth Officer at DeepCrawl, commented: “We are very honoured and excited to have won this award. It pays testament to the positive nature and feedback we have received since launching our V2.0 platform. Winning the award against some very notable brands in the Tech sector and to then hear such great feedback from the judges around innovation and driving ROI means a lot. This is a great start to the year and there is a lot more to come from DeepCrawl in 2017”.

Best Marketing Expo Award 2017
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Tristan is an SEO enthusiast, strategist, and the former Head of Marketing at Lumar.


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