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Voice Search

With the use of voice assistant tools on the rise, voice search has become an important topic for SEOs to focus on. In order to understand the impact of voice search on SEO and what you can do to ensure your site is optimized for it our Hangout Notes cover best practice recommendations and advice from Google.

Use Voice Assistant, App or Skill to Test Voice Search Opportunities for Your Business

John recommends using a voice assistant or installing an app or skill to test the limitations of the quality of voice search results as well as finding opportunities where your business would be able to provide valuable content for users.

5 Apr 2019

Voice Search is Split Into Microphone Inputted Search Engine Queries & Voice Assistant Queries

The industry often group microphone input queries in a search engine rather than the keyboard, and the use of voice assistants into ‘voice search’ into a single group. The data from the former is grouped together with regular typed queries, and the data from the latter isn’t being counted for search.

5 Apr 2019

No Markup Available for Google Voice Assistant

There isn’t dedicated schema for voice assistants or voice search at the moment.

1 May 2018

Use Structured Data to Optimise for Voice Search

Structured data helps Google understand the meaning of your pages which is crucial for voice search. John also suggests pointing Google to information that could be combined into a voice snippet where a short answer is possible. However, don’t create thin content, one answer pages just to satisfy voice queries.

9 Jan 2018

Longer Content has More Chance of Appearing for Voice Search

Longer content could be more useful for voice search as it provides more options that could be relevant to a user. John recommends running user studies to see how people might find your business through voice search.

10 Nov 2017

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