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The Main Stage at DeepCrawl Live 2020: Featured sessions

SEO and Digital Marketing Best Practices

 Featured DeepCrawl Live Sessions

There’s no shortage of renowned speakers gracing the virtual Main Stage at DeepCrawl Live 2020 on November 18th.

Our first-ever DeepCrawl Live event will feature VP of Ecosystem at Hubspot, Scott Brinker, expert in customer-centricity Nancy Rademaker, Google’s former COO Ben Legg, the best-selling author of ‘Algorithms of Oppression’ Dr. Safiya Noble, Brian Solis, and DeepCrawl’s very own Director of Technical SEO Consulting, Ashley Berman Hale.

Each will ignite your passion, provoke new ways of thinking, and inspire your learning.

Read on to find out which topics our Main Stage keynote speakers will explore.

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Nancy Rademaker — The X Factor of Customer Centricity: Why Customer Centricity is the New Digital Imperative

EMEA: 10:15am – 11:00am GMT
North America: 12:15pm – 1:00pm ET

Over the past decades, the focus on “experience” has grown dramatically. When considering products and services, emotions increasingly are the leading factor. Organizations have come to realize that, in an age where everything is available to everyone, customer-centricity is key and experience has become the X factor.

This keynote speech takes the audience on a journey of human change, the effect on organizations, and how customer-centricity and focusing on Customer Experience (CX) is essential to acquire and retain customers.

This strategy has technology as its core, with artificially intelligent algorithms and new interfaces to satisfy the needs of the New Customer, especially in these times of accelerated change, with the world massively shifting online.

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Scott Brinker — Martech and Web Experiences of the (Very Near) Future

EMEA: 11:00am – 11:40am GMT
North America: 1:00pm – 1:40pm ET

For all the challenges of 2020, this year has accelerated “digital transformation” in all of its guises. New technology innovations in marketing and customer experience are progressing rapidly. With that, customer expectations are rising too.

In this keynote presentation, martech pioneer Scott Brinker will discuss three major trends in marketing technology that are already impacting web experiences today — but are poised to grow dramatically over the next several years:

  1. The advancement and proliferation of “no-code” tools.
  2. The growth of platforms, networks, and marketplaces in the ecosystem economy.
  3. The advancement from “big data” to “big ops” — activating data in customer experience.

Scott will provide both frameworks and concrete examples for each of these in the (very near) future of web experience. He’ll then close with a look at how the “partnership” between humans and machines will shape how we approach these opportunities.

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Dr. Safiya Noble — Algorithms of Oppression: Do Search Engines Reinforce Racism?

EMEA: 11:40am – 12:25pm GMT
North America: 1:40pm – 2:25pm ET

The landscape of information is rapidly shifting as new demands are increasing investment in digital technologies.

Yet, critical scholars continue to demonstrate how many technologies are shaped by and infused with values that are not impartial, disembodied, or lacking positionality.

Technologies hold racial, gender, and class politics. In this talk, Dr. Safiya Noble will discuss her recent book, Algorithms of Oppression, and the impact of technology on the public.

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Ben Legg — Why Digital Marketing Should Matter More Than Ever to the C-Suite

EMEA: 12:40pm – 1:20pm GMT
North America: 2:40pm – 3:20pm ET

Marketing should be a powerful growth engine in any business. But what does it mean to be an effective marketing leader in the new digital-first world? What does the CEO really want from marketing, and what should marketing leaders focus on to drive success?

Marketers are under a lot of pressure to deliver results, but which are the most important success metrics, and what does it really mean to be ‘commercial’?

All organizations need to embrace new technology, so what role should the marketing leader play in adopting and driving change?

Does the C-Suite really understand digital marketing, and how should marketing leaders help them understand the challenges, risks, and opportunities? With so many tools and new technologies available, how do marketers know where to start and where to prioritize?

Ben Legg is the author of ‘Marketing for CEOs; Death and glory in the digital age’ and was formerly the COO of Google Europe, amongst many other illustrious roles.

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Ashley Berman Hale — CMO Masterclass: What CMOs Need to Know about SEO

EMEA: 1:20pm – 1:50pm GMT
North America: 3:20pm – 3:50pm ET

SEO is a vital channel for all marketers, yet it is still poorly understood and many companies take a piecemeal approach.

Optimizing your site for search involves a responsive sound technical foundation, useful and relevant content, and building pages that reflect the needs of your customers in order to increase conversions. Understanding SEO, how it can affect revenue, and how to collaborate across teams is fundamental to any marketing strategy.

Join DeepCrawl’s Director of Technical SEO Consulting, Ashley Berman Hale, as she shares insights and advice on how marketing leaders can stay ahead of competitors, reach new audiences, and increase revenue through a strong SEO strategy.

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Jim Clark — Key Findings From Econsultancy and DeepCrawl’s The Digital Future Report

EMEA – 1:50pm – 2:20pm
North America – 3:50pm – 4:20pm ET

Presenting highlights from an upcoming Econsultancy study in partnership with DeepCrawl. We’ll examine the importance of SEO and organic search to digital performance (and ultimately, revenues). The session will also explore strategies executives need to take to achieve wider marketing goals, as well as outlining solutions to challenges that get in the way.

Key talking points:

  • Why executives need to get their act together in light of recent events
  • How cultural change may be needed to reprioritize SEO
  • Technical challenges that executives need to fix to avoid making mistakes
  • The importance of automation to business success going forward
  • What does the future hold for SEO and organic search?
  • Six things you should do now to improve the ROI of your investments

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Brian Solis — Optimizing Digital Customer Experiences to Deliver “Light” in #IgniteMoments

EMEA: 2:20pm – 2:55pm GMT
North America: 4:20pm – 4:55pm ET

World-renowned digital anthropologist, author, and Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce has studied the digital customer journey and customer behavior specifically post-COVID disruption.

In this enthralling session, Brian will share not only his research around how customer expectations, preferences, and values are changing, he will also share his vision for reimagining the digital journeys and customer experiences around powerful #IgniteMoments.

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