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The state of SEO for publishers: building strategies for future success

ebook about the state of SEO for digital publishers and news media websites

For publishers, SEO has never been so important

Today, 65% of the population rely on the internet for news consumption. And there’s more pressure than ever before to outperform their competitors in the fight for online readers (and ad revenue!) – especially through search.

But there will be hurdles to overcome for SEO professionals working within the industry over the coming year, so there needs to be careful consideration on how to build strategies for future success.

Here’s what you can expect to learn when you download our latest eBook :

  • The current state of play for publishers in 2021
  • Why publishers need to make SEO a strategic priority
  • Why getting your site infrastructure right is critical to success
  • How to identify Technical SEO issues
  • Why you should care about this year’s Core Web Vitals update


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