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The Ultimate Guide to Improving SEO & Developer Relationships

DeepCrawl's Ultimate Guide to Improving SEO & Developer Relationships

Everything you need to know about improving SEO & developer relationships — in one eBook

When SEOs and developers don’t communicate, businesses lose money. An engineering team that isn’t educated around SEO best practices are much more likely to release code that negatively impacts a website’s performance in search, as well as having to spend additional time fixing and optimizing their code.

That’s why we’ve created our latest white paper: Lumar’s Ultimate Guide to Improving SEO & Developer Relationships.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn about in this guide:

  1. The different priorities of SEOs and developers and why there is a divide.
  2. How to improve the relationship between the SEO and engineering team and get them collaborating.
  3. What SEOs and developers can learn from one another to do their jobs better.
  4. Insights from industry-leading experts, including Britney Muller, Ian Lurie, Michelle Robbins, Pedro Dias, Emma Wedekind, and many more!


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