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Marketing’s ‘Secret Weapons’ for the Digital Age: SEO & Website Health

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Marketing’s ‘Secret Weapons’ for 2022: Website Health & SEO


What’s inside:

  • Why marketers are focusing on organic search as a core marketing channel in 2022
  • How SEO and organic marketing channels can pick up slack from paid advertising channels that have been affected by recent privacy regulations
  • An overview of SEO and website health for marketers
  • Tips for thinking about SEO from a marketing standpoint
  • An introduction to the stages of the SEO-Revenue Funnel and what they mean for marketing teams


Why are marketers focusing on organic search as a core marketing channel in 2022?

People have adopted a search-first mindset in their daily lives, pulling up Google as their first resource for just about everything. Prioritizing website health, SEO, and organic search as a marketing channel helps businesses capitalize on our search-first age.

Additionally, many marketers have found themselves spending more than ever on online advertising. Meanwhile, consumers and legislators alike have been demanding more privacy from the major players in the digital advertising space, making it harder for marketers to accurately target audiences through paid channels—and harder for them to measure the performance of their paid campaigns. As a counterbalance to this, marketers are also becoming increasingly aware of the growing opportunities that exist for organic channels to play a larger (and often more cost-effective) role within their marketing strategies.


Part of our Ultimate Guide to Website Health

Note: This break-out chapter is part of our Ultimate Guide to Website Health. Get the full guide here!


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