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The CMO’s Guide to Growth in The Search-First Age

SEO ebook for digital marketing leaders and cmos

The CMO’s Guide to Growth in The Search-First Age

The search-first age is upon us. But what does this mean for your marketing strategy, what impact does a search-first approach make, and what does it mean for the future of marketing?

Find out in our latest eBook, co-authored by the godfather of MarTech, and VP Platform Ecosystem at Hubspot, Scott Brinker.

This eBook will help you shift your mindset to drive better marketing ROI

What’s the key to improving the ROI of your marketing activities, and lowering the cost of acquiring customers? Both Deepcrawl and Scott Brinker, VP Platform Ecosystem at Hubspot, think it’s adopting a search-first mindset.

This eBook will give you the latest strategies, knowledge, and trends that you need to become a search-first CMO and start improving your marketing ROI.

What’s inside:

  • The Current State of Play in Search: How search has become the most efficient marketing channel to lower CAC and increase revenue.
  • From SEO to SearchOps: Why SEO needs to be moved from the bunker to become an integral part of marketing and business operations.
  • The Shift from Search SaaS Tools to Search SaaS Platforms: How the SEO platforms of the future will help to connect marketing, SEO, engineers, and product owners.
  • The New Era of Automation in SEO: How automation in SEO will enable marketing leaders to implement a search-first strategy, build better internal relationships, and negate the risk of website changes impacting revenue.
  • A Manifesto for the Search-First CMO: The blueprint for a successful future.

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