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Hotter Shoes

ecommerce seo case study - hotter shoes



Client Overview

With a strong focus on product innovation and world class production facilities, Hotter is the UK’s largest shoe manufacturer.

Hotter is a fast-growing brand dedicated to providing the same level of expert, supportive service online as its shoe fitters would provide in-store.


The Bottom Line

With Lumar’s assistance, Hotter saw the following year-on-year improvements from organic search following their migration to HTTPS:

  • 39% growth in revenue
  • 37% increase in transactions
  • 30% uplift in sessions


The Challenge

Hotter’s SEO & CRO eCommerce Specialist, Niall Brooke, wanted to improve the site’s user experience by targeting site security.

The site was still using the HTTP protocol for non-checkout pages, which meant customers may be put off from purchasing because the Chrome browser now flags HTTP pages as “Not Secure” in the address bar. Being on HTTP also meant that the site was at a disadvantage to secure sites in organic search as Google gives a ranking boost to HTTPS sites.

Google treatment of HTTP Pages

Hotter decided that the site needed to be fully migrated to HTTPS so that customers could trust their sensitive information was being transferred securely even before making transactions. Their team also recognised that Hotter would also benefit from moving to HTTPS as the site would have a better chance of ranking in organic search so new customers could be introduced to the brand.

The Solution

Migrating to HTTPS

Having previously used Lumar to keep tabs on the site’s technical health, Niall and the team used our extensive reporting to ensure the move from HTTP to HTTPS was a clean one.

Before the migration was launched, Niall ran a crawl of their staging site to check that any problem areas were identified including:

  • HTTP pages not redirecting to HTTPS using the HTTP Pages report
  • Pages featuring HTTP resources using the Mixed Content report
  • Pages with internal links to HTTP using the Links Between Protocols report

HTTP Pages report

After identifying the issues, Niall was able to flag them to Hotter’s Project Developer, Dan Shaw, to fix before the migration went live.

The Results

After Hotter improved the security and user experience of their site with the help of Lumar’s comprehensive reporting, the results were plain to see:


  • Hotter were able to generate 39% year-on-year growth in revenue from organic search.
  • The volume of transactions from organic search increased across the site by 37% year-on-year.
  • The Hotter site also saw a 30% year-on year uplift in the number of organic sessions.


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Niall Brooke

SEO & CRO Ecommerce Specialist

Niall Brooke is an SEO expert with a speciality in UX & conversion optimisation. Niall is the SEO & CRO Ecommerce Specialist at Hotter Shoes has been featured by the likes of MOZ, VWO, Taggstar, and DeepCrawl for case studies documenting the impressive growth metrics he has achieved.


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