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Case Study: Digital Case Media & Tatildekirala

lumar seo platform case study - agency and ecommerce review


About Digital Case Media

Digital Case Media, which began life in November 2018 under the roof of Demirören Group, one of the biggest institutions in Turkey, helps dozens of brands with performance marketing, creative, media planning & buying service items.


About is a next-generation villa and boat rental platform. Offering new alternatives to holiday hotels through its network of 3,000+ rental villas and cottages, Tatildekirala aims to be the leader of the Turkish market in the next five years with its customized and customer-oriented structure.

Expectations and Issues

After listening to’s negative experiences and expectations about SEO, Digital Case Media started working on a quick win plan. Their main goal was to increase’s market share, to make them more visible, and to turn the pandemic process into a strategic advantage.

SEO issues were determined following market analysis and technical SEO analysis. Digital Case Media transferred the SEO issues to their client with the predicted achievements.

Main Issues Digital Case Media Encountered

  • Wrong URL Structure: As a result of our technical analysis and market research, it became apparent that URL structures did not contain targeted keywords and had hierarchy issues.
  • Broken Internal Links: As a result of the technical analysis, it was determined that the majority of the internal links went to “404” pages or caused redirects within site. It was also observed that the crawl budget was negatively affected and it provided users with an incomplete experience.
  • Errors & Omissions on Meta Title and Description Meta Tags: As a result of market analysis and keyword research, Digital Case Media saw that title/description meta tags did not contain the keywords that wanted to compete for.
  • Indexability Issues: “neighbourhood category pages” that are important for the market were not added to Google indexes. The fact that the neighbourhood pages were not indexed, due to parameter URLs, caused a loss in market share.

As a result of the meetings Digital Case Media held with, they agreed to quickly resolve the issues mentioned to increase’s visibility in the top three positions on Google SERP.

Pre-Migration Process

The defined time for all issues to be resolved, and the new URL structure to be implemented was just seven days.

The main reason for the limited time was to be able to keep up with the planned TV commercials and marketing actions of

Feeding on the market analysis conducted, Digital Case Media created a new URL structure and decided on the final version of title & description tags. Pinpoint keywords were also targeted by taking user intents into account.

The redirection map was also prepared, with a five-step checklist in place to be applied at the time of website migration. With this checklist, the aim was to prevent errors that could negatively affect crawl budget, and to avoid traffic loss.

Thanks to the efforts of the software team and the Digital Case performance marketing team, all updates were tested on the test domain and all necessary arrangements were completed. The countdown to go live had begun!

What Happened During the Website Migration?

While overhauling the essential elements, along with a radical change of the URL structure, it was critical that the marketing and software team were coordinated with the SEO team. After determining the appropriate day and time, all teams were positioned for instant communication.

With the information received from the software team, Digital Case Media carried out the comprehensive five-step checklist and made instant checks together with the’s marketing team.

The minor issues that arose were fixed instantly thanks to the rapid intervention of the software team, and the bulk website migration was completed flawlessly.

Shining Star:

Before the migration to the new URL structure, broken links and non-200 pages within constituted a significant percentage of their overall pages.

Following the migration, the number of “200 pages” has massively increased bringing it to 99%. The remaining 1% of the work will also soon be completed.

Tatildekirala - Lumar Pages Breakdown

Technical problems in the site were resolved, and migration to a healthy URL structure was completed. The operation, which took place in a short time, quickly produced great results.’s growth momentum accelerated, and its market share and organic traffic increased significantly.

Tatildekirala - Traffic growth

After completing the new URL structure and first-stage SEO developments, organic, non-homepage traffic grew by 1,254% in July 2020 compared to the same month of the previous year.

Growing traffic also contributed to the number of transactions and revenue. Compared to July 2019, transactions grew 1,416.67% and revenue grew 3,314.91%.

Tatildekirala - SEO growth
The positive result of SEO efforts can be seen more clearly in the thirteen-month chart.
Tatildekirala - Rankings distribution

In addition to Google Analytics data, the position distributions of non-branded keywords were also analyzed. From May to the end of July, the number of keywords in the top three increased by 14 times in the period following the migration.


As a result of the SEO process:

  • URL structure was standardized, and target keywords were used correctly.
  • Internal broken links were fixed, and the crawl budget was optimized.
  • Meta title and description tags were optimized in accordance with the target keywords.
  • The “neighbourhood category pages” that are of absolute importance to market share were correctly indexed and subsequently ranked in higher positions on Google SERP.

And Lumar has become Digital Case Media’s mainstay both before and after the migration. Before the migration, it helped them to:

  • Observe the website’s URL structure,
  • Detect broken links for the site,
  • Determine the status of meta tags such as meta title and description

During the test phase when migrating to the new URL structure, Lumar starred:

  • While checking the URL redirection rules to be applied,
  • While checking the in-site links on the test domain.

The lowest-risk migration process was also assisted and completed using Lumar.

“We are thrilled as a team due to the success we have achieved in the “ SEO” project. It is a source of pride to contribute to the rise of one of our clients in the holiday industry that has recently been negatively affected by the pandemic. I would like to thank the Digital Case Media performance team, who contributed greatly with their efforts and competencies from the very beginning of the project, and especially Arda Mendeş, our team leader, whom I see as my mentor. Finally, I’d like to add that we really couldn’t have done this without Lumar’s technical SEO tools, and I’d encourage all agencies to invest in their products if they want to help their clients grow in the same way we helped

Attaining great success in SEO projects and changing course is not only up to the operation team. The harmonious work of the client and the agency, understanding each other and acting together are among the factors that result in success. Fortunately, in our case, we had the chance to work with a great team that accepts us and acts with us, let alone the standard client-agency relationship. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Ruşen Mat, founder and CEO of and Sezal Kaya, Marketing Manager, who accepted us as a part of their team and supported us day and night with a great effort.

We continue on our way with the excitement of creating new success stories.”

Mehmet Şanlı, Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Case Media

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