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SEOs do their best work with Deepcrawl (now Lumar) and Protect

SEO and Digital Marketing Best Practices

Speaking to some of the smartest minds in search and marketing while organizing Deepcrawl Live 2020 has reminded us just how important SEO, and SEOs, are for businesses.

This year, as the world has increasingly become digital-first, SEO’s significance has further increased. If businesses are to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic world, we as SEOs need to ensure that our websites are as technically sound as they can be.

Done well, SEO has the power to drive brand visibility, conversions, and revenue. To unlock that potential, however, you need the right tools and resources.

Elevating your site’s technical health with Deepcrawl

Now more than ever, search performance matters. We hear from our customers that it’s increasingly difficult to compete as brands place more focus on their digital channels in response to COVID — of these, search is becoming the most important for many.

But despite what many marketers may think, increasing traffic, conversions and revenue isn’t only a result of creating more content. As we know, technical SEO and user experience are equally, if not more important. Especially since Google announced Core Web Vitals will be a page experience ranking factor in 2021.

That’s why over the past few months we’ve empowered our SEO users with releases that reflect the current search environment. 

In September, we enabled SEOs to detect Javascript SEO issues, analyze and structured data, validate AMP, and perhaps most importantly, measure Core Web Vitals and web performance data, all within Deepcrawl.

We’ve also enabled SEOs to visualize their Deepcrawl data in an easy to digest format with our Google Data Studio connector

Data Studio connector

With CMOs and senior marketers placing increasing pressure on SEO teams to not only drive growth, but also demonstrate ROI from their activity, presenting their data in a visual, marketing-friendly way will prove to be an essential capability for SEOs. 

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Ensuring code releases don’t negatively impact rankings and revenue with Lumar Protect

Launched in 2020, the new Protect app enables automated testing of all code before it gets released on to a site.

Whether you’re adding new features to a page, deploying new pages, or undergoing a complete site migration, Protect integrates with your engineering team’s existing CI/CD pipeline and automates code testing to ensure new code releases don’t negatively impact SEO.

How Automator works

An engineering team that doesn’t understand SEO can often release code that negatively impacts a site’s performance. Developers spend more time than they need to fixing and optimizing code based on their SEO team’s recommendations, frustrating developers, and unnecessarily fracturing relationships. 

We know how much of a difference this tool will make for the SEO community. By removing the fundamental risk of bad code being released to a site, Protect reduces stress during releases and empowers SEOs to be free to do their best work.

When an online fashion retailer ran over 1,000 tests across their eight test suites using Protect, 18% issued a warning and each build had at least one failed test. Across all Protect users, the current average is 33%. 

With Protect, these issues can be easily identified, prioritized, and fixed before it’s too late. For in-house enterprise SEOs especially, this truly is a game-changing tool.

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