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Lumar’s Ultimate Guide to International SEO

DeepCrawl's Ultimate Guide to International SEO

Everything you need to know about website internationalization, all in one white paper

A successful website internationalization strategy doesn’t happen overnight. It requires careful planning in order to balance engaging, localized content with a strong technical website foundation, all while keeping your international audiences at the heart of everything you do.

There is a lot to consider to get things right when targeting international markets, so that’s why we launched this ultimate guide to international SEO to help your business succeed. Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn about in our free white paper:

  1. How to ensure different language versions are seen by the right users and search engines.
  2. The common internationalization mistakes you should avoid, such as incorrect language targeting and page mapping.
  3. The different elements you need to implement for success, including hreflang and localized content.
  4. Advice from industry leading-experts, including Aleyda Solis, Barry Adams, Jamie Alberico, Kevin Indig, Gianluca Fiorelli, and many more.

Access the downloadable PDF version of this guide

Chapter 1:

The Challenges of Website Internationalization for Users & Search Engines

Chapter 2:

The Most Common Mistakes in International SEO

Chapter 3:

Getting Your International Website Structure Right

Chapter 4:

A Guide to Hreflang Best Practice & Implementation

Chapter 5:

The Elements of a Successful International SEO Strategy


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